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British tourists allowed to visit Greece from next month

British holidaymakers could visit Greece next month without quarantine restrictions.

From next Monday (May 18), workers will be permitted to travel to Greece and, if the country’s coronavirus cases remain low, it’s been reported that tourists could soon follow from June 1.

According to the Express, Greece’s Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis said the country will introduce precautions.

“Of course, we will take precautions in terms of the requirements before travelling,” he said.
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“But also in the way that we travel.”

Speaking to German paper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Mr Theoharis said: “This is a comprehensive plan that includes all possible measures: on beaches, in swimming pools or at places where breakfast is served, when transported by bus etc.”

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He added: “We want a plan that will guarantee safety but will also be realistic. This combination is important so that everyone is able to feel good and relax.”

Though Greece may be willing to welcome visitors from Europe, including the UK, a summer holiday to Greece will not be straightforward.

Currently the UK government is still advising against all but essential travel, meaning if Brits did jet off for a Greek island holiday, their travel insurance would likely be invalid.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also announced earlier this week that a two-week quarantine would soon be enforced for all travellers entering the UK except from France and Ireland.

When asked on ITV’s This Morning whether ‘summer was cancelled’ for Brits, health secretary Matt Hancock said “it is unlikely that big, lavish international holidays are going to be possible for this summer.”

Early lockdown restrictions mean Greece has had 151 deaths from the coronavirus and a total of 2,726 cases – one of the lowest rates in Europe. There are now more than 226,000 confirmed cases in the UK and more than 32,600 deaths.

The EU is keen to kickstart the summer tourist season and today the European Commission will release proposals for gradually re-opening borders.

“Our message is we will have a tourist season this summer,” said economic affairs commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, “even if it’s with security measures and limitations.”




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